Indigenous Approaches in Library Evaluation


Evaluation is at the heart of library planning and service delivery, determining what services and programs will continue to be funded, what will be added, and what will be cut. By centering Indigenous Knowledges and practices in evaluation and planning, libraries improve their ability to provide relevant services and programs to Indigenous communities and uncover opportunities for reconciliation within library practice. Decolonizing the process of evaluation is a step towards decolonizing both the institution of the library and the services it offers. This toolkit provides LIS practitioners with best practices to apply when developing new frameworks for evaluation.

Erin Placatka:

Erin holds a Bachelor of Engineering from the University of Saskatchewan and Juris Doctor from the University of Victoria. She works in Programming and Creative Spaces at the Saskatoon Public Library and is interested in bringing analytical approaches to library planning to improve our programs, services, and practices. She expects to complete her MLIS from the University of Alberta by spring 2021.